This page is for those that have donated to WeeklyHoroscope...
This is a temporary site to allow you to 'Sign-Up' as LifeTime Members.

The new site will have many new Features and advanced Security...
(I am a fanatic about personal security and privacy)

It also has many updates too that will allow new and expanded Horoscope and other Features as well.

The main thing right now...
Is to get you signed up and to update your birth information so I may re-cast your personal horoscope charts.

This site you are on right now is only 'temporary'...
This site is only here to get you signed up and your chart information into the system...

The main login for the members will be at:
(currently inactive while re-programming)

Thank you again for your Donations..!!
(And so shines a Good Deed in a Weary World ~Willy Wonka)
The site would not be possible without you!!

Thank You..!!


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